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First Ramadan. Episode 4

In the series "My First Ramadan, Muslim converts talk about their experiences. We hope that these stories will inspire those who are not yet fasting to join the billions of Muslims already this Ramadan!
Ramadan for me was the month when I was introduced to Islam and even had an iftar without being a Muslim.

At that time, I did a lot of reflection and the next month I gave shahadah. So if you have the opportunity to invite guests and speak about the beauty of Islam, then don't miss the chance this Ramadan, maybe the Almighty will guide someone else to it through your help.

Just a year after accepting Islam, my first Ramadan began. I thought I would approach the holy month prepared, but when it happened, all perceptions of it turned upside down.

The support of the Almighty is felt more than ever during Ramadan. Refraining from eating and drinking can be easier than in normal times. The most important thing is to have the right intention and to set your heart on submission and obedience to the Almighty.

The purpose of fasting is not a hunger strike, but a spiritual clarification, a reflection on the eternal, not on the impending dinner. Many people are so wrapped up in their guts that a month of worship turns into visits to the supermarket, telling your wife what meal to make for iftar and, of course, going out to eat. There may only be difficulties at first, but after that fasting will become an integral part of your life. I promise you, if you truly aspire to religious observance, you will miss it at the end of Ramadan.

Of those benefits that are exclusive to Ramadan, there is the collective prayer at night. Personally, I like to go to taraavih namaz in a mosque where the imam takes his time reciting the Koran in rakaat, while he and everyone else perform lap and ground bows in a show of obedience to Almighty. But there are mosques where the imam prays as if he was late for a plane. Such a prayer is not filled with humility and obedience. Moreover, it loses its meaning, for the word taraavih is derived from "rakha" which means "rest", "calm".

Have you noticed that you have more time in Ramadan and your thoughts are clearer, your body is lighter and your mind is sharper? Ramadan is the month when the Koran was sent down and it is indeed the best opportunity to grab hold of Allah's robe in order to establish your connection with the Almighty. Ramadan is a chance to learn how to read the Koran and memorise the verses and apply the injunctions of the Almighty and the Sunnah of His Messenger (peace be upon him) in your life. And remember: what matters is not the quantity of what you read, but the quality - what has entered your heart and become a daily practice.

May the Almighty help you to fast and pray with ease, so that you may be closer to the Almighty!

The material is based on the stories of a fellow Muslim, Mikael: