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Top 5 hadiths about sadaqah

The word "sadaqah" comes from the word "honesty" and "truthfulness". Any action that speaks of its honesty and also in its truthfulness of accepting Allah as one Lord will be considered sadaqah.
It is such a beautiful and universal action that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) spoke of its benefits, its merits.

1. "Almsgiving wipes out sins just as water quenches fire" (at-Tirmizi)
This is one of the main benefits of sadaqah. Forgiveness of sins through sadaqah is often mentioned in hadiths. Scientists explain that it refers to small sins. Big sins are only forgiven by repentance. Minor sins are those that are overlooked. It is therefore a good practice to perform sadaqah regularly throughout the day in various forms so that one ends the day without any minor sins.

2. "The best almsgiving is that which is given in the month of Ramadan." (at-Tirmizi)
This hadith shows that the value of almsgiving increases during Ramadan. Regular giving during Ramadan should be the regular practice of every person. One receives much more in this month than in other months. Besides Ramadan, the first 10 days of Dhu al-Hijja are also considered a good time for sadaqah, and according to the scientists, they are more desirable than Ramadan.

3. "Almsgiving does not diminish property"
After reading this hadith, one might think it contradicts reality, but scientists say it is absolutely true and wealth in real terms never decreases, neither in quantity nor in quality. The funds we spend are returned to us in various forms. Therefore, sadaqah protects us from the loss of wealth.

4. "Every day when the slaves [of Allah] arise in the morning, two angels descend without fail. One of them says: Oh Allah, grant unto him who spendeth a goodly recompense! And the other says: Oh Allah, send destruction to him who holds back!
Another benefit of sadaqah is the plea of the angels. It is of great benefit because angels are sinless creatures and there is no reason why Allah would not accept their dua. Therefore, sadaqah gives us a double benefit.

5. "Hurry up with your almsgiving! Truly, trouble cannot go over it".
This hadith mentions not only the reward of sadaqah, but also promises that it will be a shield, protecting one from problems.

The above hadith highlights the immense benefits and versatility of sadaqah. Therefore, give alms more often, especially at auspicious times.