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Top 5 ayats on Sadaqah

The Quran is a guide for humanity. Among other things, it explains what is good for people in this and the next life.

The Quran emphasises the importance of different acts: namaz, donations (sadaqah and zakah). Giving is the next pillar of Islam after shahada and namaz. The following ayats emphasise the benefits and virtues of sadaqah:

1. 700% «return on investment»

«The proverb of those who spend their belongings in the way of Allah is the proverb of the grain from which seven ears grew, and in each ear there are a hundred grains. Allah increases the reward to whomever He wills. Allah is the Omnipresent, the Knower» - 2:261.

This ayat describes the multiple reward of sadaqah. A donation of 10 roubles or 10 tenge contains a huge reward. The ayat says that the reward can increase by a multiple of 700 times!

2. Achieving godlikeness

«You will not attain godlikeness until you spend of what you love, and whatever you spend, Allah is aware of it» - 3:92

This ayat emphasises an important principle: we will not attain true righteousness as long as we give to ourselves rather than to others. Giving a portion of one's wealth is a great way to prioritise others. Abu Talha stood before the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and opened his heart:

«O Prophet of Allah, verily Allah Almighty says in His Book: «You will not gain godlikeness until you spend of that which you love,» and most of all of my possessions I love Bairukha (the garden where the Prophet of Allah ﷺ often came and where he took refuge in the shade and drank water) and I give it to Allah and His Prophet and hope that through it I will gain godlikeness and make myself a reserve from Allah. Use it, oh Prophet of Allah, as you wish.

Then he said to the Prophet of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), «I am glad to hear that:

«Wonderful, oh Abu Talha! This property will bring income, we have accepted it from you and are returning it back to you, so divide it among your relatives!»

Abu Talha did as the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) advised.

3. Your Sadaqah from Allah

«O those who have come to believe! Make donations from what We have endowed you with» - 2:254.

This ayat reveals an important principle: All that we have is from Allah. When we sacrifice for His favours, we bring in His blessings. What Allah bestows is His mercy and grace. Therefore, we should not boast of wealth, but spend it for the sake of Allah and to help those in need.

4. No fear or grief after death

«Those who spend their belongings night and day, secretly and visibly, have a reward in their Lord. They will know no fear and will not be grieved» - 2:274.

When you read this ayat, you are immediately filled with strength. The one who often gives Sadaqah has nothing to fear after death. Everyone is afraid of death, of the unknown. So this ayat tells us that if we are generous - we will be guaranteed security in the next life. From this it appears that Sadaqah is a means of security and protection that everyone is looking for.

5. The wonderful words of the Prophet 'Isa

«He has blessed me wherever I am and enjoined me to perform namaz and distribute zakat as long as I am alive» - 19:31.

These words are among the first words that 'Isa (peace be upon him) uttered after birth. A talking baby is certainly a miracle, but the emphasis here is on his message. We learned from his words that the blessings and mercy of Allah come from namaz and sadaqah. Namaz strengthens our relationship with Allah and sadaqah strengthens our relationship with His creations.