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Emotional detox before Ramadan (part 2)

We do not start Ramadan with a blank page, but with a baggage of affairs, worries and emotions.

If we are depressed, anxious, jealous or holding a grudge, our focus will not be on worshipping the Almighty, but on psychological sores. Therefore, we need psychological cleansing from emotional poisons.


It will make you constantly complain about life, look for faults in everyone and everything, and lose all your hopes. A believer can only be an optimist. He believes in the power of his Creator and that everything is for the best. A believer has no doubts about the past or the present, knowing that the Almighty has not just put things to the test. Always look for the positive aspects of the situation.


Envy is the fire inside the heart that prevents a person from living peacefully. Envy is engendered when you start comparing yourself to others. As a result, you are left with the feeling that you are an inferior and miserable person.

Focus your attention on the many benefits you already have. The only people you should compare yourself to are those who are doing worse. This will fill your heart with constant gratitude to God.

"Your Lord caused to be declared: 'If you are grateful, I will certainly give you more. But if you are ungrateful, surely My punishment is severe." (Quran, 14:7)

Understand that every blessing is a challenge. If you have something you do not have, it is a blessing for you. Be thankful - including for what you do not have.


The quickest way to alienate people is a tendency to criticise them. Every time you look at them evaluatively, weighing up how much they adhere to the religion, how they wear the hijab, etc., you create a barrier that can cause people to have negative feelings about both you and Islam.

You are on the true path solely by the grace of the Almighty. He can make you turn away from it if you continue to look down on others, turning them away from Islam with your judgmental behaviour.


If there is hate in your heart, the best thing to do is to get rid of it during this Ramadan. Hate is poisonous. Understand its causes and try to overcome it. Fill your heart with love and ask God for the welfare of those you dislike so that you may soften your heart and be rewarded by the Almighty.

May your goal this Ramadan be to get rid of these poisons. Start with one and gradually move on to the next and Insha Allah you will improve your spiritual and emotional state and your relations with other people!

Source: https://muslimmatters.org/2013/08/04/emotional-detox-during-ramadan/