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Allah answered my Dua. Episode 3

In my twenties, I never worked anywhere; I did not volunteer because I thought it was unnecessary and my parents did not want me to. At twenty-one, I realized that I would not be able to graduate from university without any practical experience. I did not have a resume, and my grades were not very good either.I thought it would be easy to find a job, so I immediately applied to Microsoft and Google, but they rejected me due to my lack of experience.

The following month, I applied everywhere, but received no response. Feeling hopeless, I made a dua to Allah, begging Him to help me find an internship, even if it was only to add to my resume. Right after making the dua, I received a message that a startup was looking for interns. I submitted an application, they responded, and I got the job. As it was my first experience, I felt insecure. After a while, I left the job; my skills were not sufficient.

Then I started looking for paid internships at mid-sized organizations. At this time, I saw a vacancy at my university; an administrator was needed. I applied and waited for a response. Three months had passed with no response, and I was still making dua. One day, my classmate offered me a job in the company; she had left there, so they needed an intern. I was put in touch with the manager. Everything then happened very quickly: I passed the interview and received an answer from the university. Within a week, I had received two offers.

Preparing for my first day on the job, I received a call from one of the Big Four companies (Deloitte, PWC, Ernst & Young, and KPMG) that I had applied to in September 2020. I had attended one of their events and had been impressed by their culture. I prayed to Allah to help me get a job at this particular company, knowing that the Big Four are very selective in their recruitment process and that I was not a good match for them. Nevertheless, I prayed. I visited the assessment center, took tests all day, and solved various cases; then there was an interview with a senior manager. During this interview, I prayed to Allah for help and manifestations of His mercy. Praise be to Allah, I passed all the tests and reached the final stage—an interview with the director.

Now that it is April, I have settled into my position at the university and the company. After an interview with the director, I was told that I could come to the central office in the summer to start working.

It is simply impossible to describe what I felt all this time—how much Dua I did, how much I cried, and how I tried in every possible way to get closer to Allah. And here is the result: four vacancies in almost a year. Praise be to Allah, who gave me such opportunities. Through these selections, Allah Almighty prepared me for something bigger, and now I work for one of the big four companies.

Remember the main thing: Allah can fulfill any of your requests; it is easy for Him because He is the one who divided the sea for Musa and made the fire cold for Ibrahim (peace be upon them). Do not spare yourself or time; make dua and create reasons.