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Financial detox before Ramadan

Ramadan - a period of detoxification, liberation from impeding desires, thoughts and habits. Financial habits included. There is still time for all of us to review and change our habits and prepare ourselves and our finances for Ramadan.

Be sure to begin with a short audit of your expenses and income. Particularly important for freelancers or entrepreneurs whose income is volatile. Perhaps you are spending more than you can possibly afford or hoping for future income excessively. Investigate the possibility that the expected funds will not be received by the due date, or that the new project is not as profitable. Insha'Allah, by His mercy and grace, you will receive even more! But if He responds to your duas in another way (and the Almighty always responds to our duas) - you will be properly ready and keep your heart in the right place.

Stay honest with yourself. Don't use the excuses "If I had more money, I would organise my budget differently" and so on.

Considering your expenses may reveal "black holes" that you didn't even know you had. Make sure to cover it all before Ramadan - the extra money will be a great addition to your Sadaqah budget (we discussed how to plan it properly last week).

Let's talk about debts. It is certainly better to settle them before Ramadan. For those whose resources are sufficient, could settle the debts of relatives or neighbours in need. In case you cannot pay your debts, at least try to talk to people you borrowed from. Unless you get their permission to defer, even charitable spending on your part is not recommended.

Even if you are not satisfied with the results of the financial habits audit, don't despair. Instead, you will learn how to change and what to pray to the Almighty during Ramadan, when duas is essential. Please don't be upset if your Sadaqah is less than the amounts you read about on the internet - it may be more significant in the eyes of the Almighty.

Finally, your destiny is not only about money and possessions. The Almighty has given each of us special talents: consider how you can deploy them during Ramadan for the benefit of people.

At Tayyab, we are working to make financial transactions halal and we ask Almighty to grant financial barakah to all our readers!