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Allah has accepted my dua. Episode 2

I was looking for a new job, I sent my CV to many companies for a few days in a row, but I found an organisation whose criteria were higher than my experience. I was sure I wouldn't get an answer, so I applied just for fun. A few days later I got a call from the company, and they appointed me for an interview. It was an incredible shock and I decided to go for this interview thinking "why not?", I would get experience one way or another. The first stage was a group stage, impostor syndrome made me panic more than usual. Besides I was the youngest person in the group, and I didn't even know what I was doing, lol. Having finished the stage, I ran out the door thinking "well, at least I'm not embarrassed". Then, by some miracle, I got the call and made it to the next stage.

The next few stages repeated, and I passed through successively. By Allah's will, I made it to the final stage, and I thought I was about to get the job.

At the end we were given data to analyse, we had to speak in front of three managers and other candidates. The only presentation experience I had was at university. I used to do dua, asking Allah to make it work, and if the job didn't suit me, that I would be the best candidate.

When I asked Allah for it, I knew it sounded silly: "I'm the best, but I didn't get the job. For the most part, I wanted to succeed, to prove that I was right, so I kept doing this exact dua, whether it was prescribed to me or not.

The final stage - the presentation was presented, managers and candidates ask questions and I answer as best I can. One of the managers asks me a lot of questions, trying to confuse me, but I didn't give up and answered all his questions until our dialogue turned into a question-and-answer exchange. We were stopped, everything was fine. Before we left, we were warned that the last stage would be an informal conversation with the director and that the decision would be up to him.

A day goes by, I get a call... I made the final, the only one out of five candidates. I was told that the job was practically in my hands. We made an appointment for the next meeting with the director. The most interesting thing happened next. A week later I was told that the company had suddenly suspended recruitment and could not hire me for at least 3 months. They assured me that they would definitely call back, they were so uncomfortable about the situation and I had a smile to my ears. My dua had come true, this was not the job for me, and yet I was the best candidate. I made it clear to the girl that everything was fine, smiling and laughing. She clearly didn't understand why I was having such a reaction, it wasn't like I'd been hired. But she did not know that I was stunned that my dua had been accepted by Allah Almighty.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/MuslimLounge/comments/n9kee1/any_stories_about_duas_being_accepted_to_share/