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Allah had answered my dua. Episode 1

I still remember the day my mother made me wear an abaya. My life was full of partying and fun but most of all I spent my time on social media. Not the kind of person my mother wanted me to be. My friend was the source of all the gossip at school. And after the parent-teacher meeting, my life had changed.

My mother found out about all my " adventures", she was furious, I saw betrayal and loss of trust in me in her eyes. It was a turning point that made me reflect on my character.

The first days wearing the abaya were terrible. I regretted the decision for a long time. I could not take the abaya off as the reaction of our society would have been pessimistic.

After a while, my mother made me wear the niqab. I tried to refuse it, but instead I was punished for the whole holiday.

After a while, I began to see the outfit as my own, even developing a sense of pride. Still, the problem that kept me from giving up my past still haunted me. My environment and social media consumed me over and over again.

At this point I decided to make the dua I had been putting off for so long because I was not sure I wanted to say goodbye to my past, there was a fear that my dua would not be accepted.

That same night I expressed my soul to Allah, repented and asked for a wonderful brother to marry me. He was very sweet and chaste, and I feared that he would not want to marry me because of my past. The next morning was full of regret, imagining I would marry such a decent Muslim man. I felt like a fool.

With time passing by, every day I tried to improve my iman. Now all my dua was aimed at increasing it, so that I could build my life according to the religion.

The next year, during the holiday, my parents, hesitating, asked me if I would mind marrying that very brother. They thought I was embarrassed, but in fact it was the ecstasy of Allah accepting my dua, He had heard me. I immediately ran to thank Allah for it, my euphoria was endless.

Four months later I got married, and a week before the wedding I asked my mother, "how long ago did he propose?" Stroking my cheek, she said: "exactly one year ago."

That's when it became apparent that I was asked to marry the same week that I asked Allah for a husband.

Do not forget to ask Allah, create reasons and then In sha Allah, He will guide you to the right goal.

Source: https://blog.iou.edu.gm/the-power-of-dua-real-life-story/