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First Ramadan. Episode 3

In the series "My First Ramadan, Muslim converts talk about their experiences. We hope that these stories will inspire those who are not yet fasting to join the billions of Muslims already this Ramadan!
As we approach the holy month of Ramadan, I would like to share my experience of fasting for the first time!

Until I was in 2nd grade, I lived with grandparents and always asked to be woken up at night for suhoor so that I could drink tea with Grandma. Being an ethnic Muslim, I always knew what fasting was, but until last year I treated everyone who kept it with pity - I thought "poor someone, not eating or drinking all day, how do they do it?" But this year everything has changed.

It was my personal decision to be as deliberate as possible. First, I tried fasting until Oraza to see how my body would react to something new. I felt very light and made a conscious decision. Then, I started preparing myself spiritually, mentally, by learning more and more about fasting, listening to podcasts and reading articles.

Words cannot describe the feeling of lightness and being surrounded by all that is purest in this month. During the fasting period, the most important thing is not to feel sorry for yourself, not to think "how I will exercise, how I will study, how I will move"! Your mindset is your everything, don't forget about it. Only then will you feel light, detoxified and motivated to do anything!

Always try to eat a nourishing meal during suhoor. It is very important to choose the right food to eat during suhoor, as it will help your body to get through the day without any difficulties. If you feel very thirsty and weak, rinse your mouth with water. Water procedures during fasting are allowed and even desirable! This will help you to cheer up, refresh yourself and get through the day with ease. The most important thing is not to swallow water.

Have someone to fast with you - it really helps and brings you closer together! You can go to iftars (evening meals) together, discussing where you will be going this time and what you will be "opening up" with. I love the atmosphere during Ramadan.

Finally, try to be active! If you sleep all day or sit at home lying on the sofa, you just can't help but think about hunger. It's important to always be active and try to keep yourself busy so that time passes quickly and you feel productive! Then you feel a huge rush of energy and strength - so powerful that you'll be like me waiting for the next Ramadan :)

Based on the stories of a Muslim woman, Amina: