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How the Almighty rewarded me with sadaqah

The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

"Almsgiving does not diminish possessions". And he also said:

"Hurry up with almsgiving! Truly, misfortune cannot overstep it".

It was the last ten nights of Ramadan. I was trying my best to find the night of predestination, and at that time I decided that I would make sadaqah every night.

And somehow I heard from the Imam that in the last 10 days we 'must outdo ourselves' in good deeds. And when I wanted to give sadaqah, I decided to give more than I had planned. I did not ignore the Imam's advice, because I wanted to get the maximum reward.

I was experiencing some financial difficulties at that time, which is why my plan was prepared with these problems in mind. But I thought that this made sense: almsgiving allows more rewards, even in the face of financial risks.

The next day, I received twice more from the sadaqah. I was sitting at work, filling in my expense forms. Suddenly I noticed that one of the companies owed me £100. Saying that I was surprised is nothing to say. So that very evening I planned another sadaqah, and this time I gave even more. In the morning I found £100 more, just out of nowhere.

The second story has more to do with the second hadith. I was waiting for a bus, the ticket cost £2.20, I had £5, and the change was £2.16. I couldn't change money on the bus, so I wanted to pop into a shop. The bus was coming and there was a queue at the shop, so I got on the bus.

When I went in, I saw a woman with change and asked her to help me out, and I got a negative response. But when she saw my £5, she decided to pay for me. To recap, the ticket costs 2.20. I was shocked because helping me with 10p is already something unbelievable. I tried to explain that I needed 4p, but she wouldn't give me less than £1 in the end.

I wanted to give her back her change, but she was adamantly against it, it was "just a few pence" to her.

Thanks to these life situations, I became convinced that my decision to give sadaqah, was a possible reason for Allah Almighty's help. And I also realized that when you see a needy person and take out your wallet and immediately give sadaqah, with full confidence that Allah will reward you, that He is responsible for your sustenance, and it will come back to you, then by the will and mercy of Allah you will definitely receive your reward.

Source: https://deenspiration.com/inspiring-charity-story/