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Cars in the age of the Companions - which camels used to be Mercedes and Lexus for the Arabs

In the time of the Companions, and in the time of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), certain breeds of camels were expensive and highly valued. The Arabian Peninsula was known for its camel culture.

It is important to mention that their price at that time depended not only on the species, but also on age, health and general condition. Camels played an important role in logistics, trade and livelihood in the Arabian Peninsula. Their price varied according to their specific qualities and certain market conditions.

Although specific prices are not available to us, but the following species were of high value amongst the people:

1. al-Adad: highly valued for its strength, endurance and ability to travel long distances.

2. al-Mahri: valued for its speed and agility, for which it was often used in races and had a reputation as one of the fastest camel breeds.

3. al-Hamadani: known for its milk and highly valued for its ability to provide sustenance for both family and community.4

4. al-Qahtani: valued for its meat quality and often sought after for its large size and tender flesh.

5. Al-Zarib: famous for its beauty and grace. It had distinctive traits and markings that made it highly sought after. This breed was considered a symbol of prestige and wealth.

6. Al-Safra: Known as the 'yellow camel', it had a unique coat colour. Its light yellowish or golden hue distinguished it from other camels and was highly prized for its rarity.

7. Al-Majahim: he was strong and had a muscular build. He was highly valued for his ability to carry heavy loads and withstand harsh conditions on long journeys.

8. Al Maknawi: was recognized for his strength and ability to withstand long periods without water. This breed was highly valued for its resilience in dry conditions.

9. Al-Jaful: was famous for his kind disposition and easy handling. He was very popular for his calm and compliant nature, which made him suitable for various purposes, such as riding or pulling carts.

These examples highlight the diversity of camel breeds and the different qualities that made them valuable at that time.

The Arabs still hold special festivals and races today that attract thousands of connoisseurs. The prizes in these can reach tens of millions of dollars!