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Is it haram to want a Lamborghini?

You often hear that buying expensive things, like an expensive car, is haram. But is it? It really depends on the circumstances. If you have earned your money in a permissible way and have not spent it on forbidden things, then there is no problem with buying such things. But you also have to think about the intention of the purchase.

The purpose of the purchase should not be to brag to others. There are a few things to consider when buying expensive things. Ask yourself the question "do I need it?

The second point is, how does the purchase affect your finances? If you're having problems, it's best to put it off. Finally, how will the purchase affect you in the long term? For example, if you buy a Lamborghini, can you afford to maintain it yourself?

Don't forget the zakah. If you are planning to buy an expensive car, make sure you pay it. If you have bought a car but have not paid the zakah, then you have effectively robbed the poor and needy.

What do Islamic scientists say about buying expensive things?

One hadith says that a poor person will enter paradise half a day earlier than a rich person, half a day will last 500 years. This hadith is not saying that being rich is forbidden and being poor is better. It is a reminder of the proper use of our wealth. There is also an opinion that the responsibility that a rich person copes with on a daily basis is the reason why he will enter Paradise later, because it will simply take longer for a rich person to report, to describe his many actions on the Day of Judgment than a poor person.

If we have the funds to buy an expensive car and we do the transaction in accordance with the canons of Islam, there is no problem with such a purchase. After all, the question of buying a car always comes down to the buyer's current life circumstances and priorities. Do you want to buy the car of your dreams? Do you need a car for your family, your business? No problem, if your motives are pure and the zakah has been paid.