Assalamu Aleikum!
Congratulations with your Tayyab Islamic card. This card and the "Tayyab" mobile app will allow you to enjoy the latest Shariyah compliant financial technologies.

What is the difference between Islamic and conventional finances?
Any classical (non-Islamic) bank operations are based on riba (usury) principle. Money use with interest is prohibited by Shariah and is considered as one of the most serious sins. Although you do not take an interest loan and simply keep your funds with a conventional bank account, your funds are used by the bank for interest depositing and you become a participant of a riba process, which is prohibited by Shariah.

tayyab cards account balance is not used by the partner bank to receive an interest income (riba)
no interest (riba) is accrued to your account balance;
the card cannot be used for payments in casinos, as well as any other gambling and lottery offices;

card cannot be used for payments in specialty alcohol and tobacco stores (restriction is not applicable to regular food stores);

card cannot be used for any payments in bars and night clubs (restriction is not applicable to restaurants and cafes)
"Tayyab" has a certificate awarded by the International Shariah Council "Shariah Bureau Review" (Saudi Arabia). More information is provided under the following link: International Shariah Certificate
Why "Tayyab" is Halal?
"Tayyab" card and app possibilities

Pay for goods and services free of charge directly in the application;

Transfer money from tayyab to tayyab to your friends and family free of charge;

Worldwide contactless card payments (paypass);

Keep money in four currencies (KZT, USD, EUR, RUR);

Convert currencies free of charge at favorable rates;

Make easy transfers to a card of another bank;

Manage your card limits in the tayyab app;

Block and unblock the card with one touch;

Send card details;

See the account transactions history in the Tayyab app;

Receive push notifications about card deposits and withdrawals

How to activate the card

Once you received your card it has to be activated. For card activation, go to "my cards" in the Tayyab app and setup a PIN code. Activation is completed.

How to top up a card

Transfer from any bank card (card number is required) - Sender's bank fee is charged;
Transfer from another tayyab card through the tayyab app;
Through Qiwi and Cash 24 terminals (Recipient's card last 4 digits and recipient's IIN are required) – fee is charged;
Cash payments through "Bank RBK" JSC offices (your ID and recipient's full name and card number are required);
Through "Bank RBK" JSC сash-in ATMs (in KZT only)

Enjoy using your card!
*The service is provided by "Bank RBK" JSC, license No. 1.2.100/245/41 dated 04/05/2021, issued by the ARDFM
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"Tayyab Central Asia Ltd. is not authorised by AFSA to offer any Islamic financial services, all financial services are currently provided exclusively by its partner JSC "Bank RBK". We would like to draw your attention to the fact that a subsidiary of Private Company "Tayyab Finance Ltd." has initiated the process of obtaining a licence providing islamic financing".