Is tayyab mobile app available?
Yes, the Tayyab financial and lifestyle services mobile app is available for iOS and Android based devices. The app allows you to manage your personal finances in full compliance with Shariah and enjoy a range of services for your day-to-day religious practice.
What is Shariah compliance?
Our Islamic payment cards are fully Shariah compliant: your account balance is free from any interest income generated by a partner bank as opposed to regular commercial banks; no interest is accrued to your account balance; no fines or penalties are applicable. Shariah compliance is confirmed by Shariyah Review Bureau (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), www.shariyah.com.
Is there any card issue and service fee?
Issue of Tayyab Neo digital cards and Tayyab Black physical cards is free of charge, however one-time fee of 2000 KZT is charged for Tayyab Black physical card delivery.
The transfer fee
  • 0 tenge when transferring between Tayyab cards
  • 0 tenge when transferring from a STB RK card to a Tayyab card
  • 250 tenge when transferring from a Tayyab card to any cards of STB of the Republic of Kazakhstan (the amount of a single transfer less than 200,000 tenge)
  • 0.9% min. 200 tenge when transferring between any cards of STB RK
How much is cashback?
Standard guaranteed cashback (non-cash transactions bonus) is applicable to Tayyab premium cards and equals to 1% of non-cash transaction amount.
Is cashback bonus a Shariah compliant?
Yes, cashback bonus accrual procedure for non-cash transactions under Tayyab Premium card is fully Shariah compliant and exclusive of any Riba (interest income) as confirmed by the International Shariyah Review Bureau certificate (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia).
What is the fee for cash withdrawals?
Up to 300,000 KZT a month the fee is 0 KZT for cash withdrawals in the bank ATMs around the world. In case of cash withdrawals in excess of the set limit a fee of 0,9% of the withdrawn amount is applicable.
What is the fee for international ATM withdrawals?
Tayyab does not charge any extra fees for international ATM withdrawals. Cash withdrawal from an international ATM is subject to standard rates: 0 KZT for the amounts up to 300,000 KZT a month, for the amounts above the set limit – 0,9% of the withdrawn amount. Note, excess fees may be charged by any international bank for cash withdrawals from their ATM in accordance with relevant bank rates.
Do tayyab cards have any restrictions?
Tayyab cards cannot be used for any goods and services payments in casinos and other gambling and lottery offices; card cannot be used for payments in specialty alcohol and tobacco stores (restriction is not applicable to regular food stores); - card cannot be used for any payments in bars and night clubs (restriction is not applicable to restaurants and cafes).
How to activate the card?
Once you received your Tayyab card it has to be activated. For card activation, simply setup a PIN code in the Tayyab app.
How to top up my card?
Digital and physical Tayyab cards can be toped up as follows:

  • Transfer from any bank card (card number is required) – Sender's bank fee is charged;
  • Transfer from any Tayyab card through Tayyab app;
  • Through Qiwi and Cash 24 terminals. (Recipient's card last 4 digits and recipient's IIN are required) – fee is charged;
  • Cash payments through "Bank RBK" JSC offices (your ID and recipient's full name and card number are required);
  • Through "Bank RBK" JSC сash-in ATMs (in KZT only)
How to withdraw cash from tayyab card?
  • in any Tier 2 Bank ATMs of the RoK and abroad
  • in cash offices of BankRBK
What is the maximum limit for cash withdrawals from card?
Any amount within the card balance.
Addresses where you can pick up your Tayyab card yourself
Almaty, pl. Republic 15
Nur-Sultan, Saraishyk st., 11
Karaganda, st. Bukhar Zhyrau, 47
Pavlodar, st. Isinalieva, 11
Shymkent, st. Gani Ilyaeva, 47
Aktobe, st. Seitova, uch. 5
Semey, st. Dulatova, 148
Ekibastuz, st. Mashhur Zhusupa, 37,
Taldykorgan, st. Abay, 254 "A"
Atyrau city, Satpayev ave., 36a
Ust-Kamenogorsk, st. Pobedy, 11/1,
Aktau city, md. 13, d. 10 "A"
Balkhash, st. Agybai batyr, 30
Zhezkazgan, st. Abay, house 25
Zhezkazgan, bul. Garyshkerler, 38
Satpayev, st. Gurby, 99a
Aksai, st. Industrial zone, 151 N
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